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Description of useful tools of the TradingView platform

We recommend using this platform for technical market analysis, as here you can get real-time data. Most of TradingView services are available for free, but there is also a paid subscription with extended functionality.

TradingView's main features include:

- Interactive charts of almost all trading platforms and markets in the world.
- A huge set of drawing and charting tools for graphical analysis.
- Technical analysis indicators.
- Price chart event alerts for browsers and mobile devices.
- Saving and publishing what you have drawn, both as pictures and as interactive charts.
- Publishing user trade ideas and forecasts with their evaluations and discussions.
- General and private user chats, the ability to send private messages.
- Built-in trading panel in the platform interface, which allows you to make transactions on some exchanges.
- Embedded interactive charts and widgets for websites.
Building and customizing charts on TradingView

Working with TradingView platform charts and their functions

The price chart is interactive and updated in real time. You can move it and scale it with the mouse wheel, as well as select the time period of display. You can draw and place various graphical elements of technical analysis on the chart.

1. Select the time period of the chart data display, from 1 day to 5 years.

2. Selecting the UTC time zone.

3. Enabling and disabling automatic scaling of the chart.

4. Expand/collapse the selected chart if you are using multiple windows with different charts.
When working with the drawing tools, a special floating panel appears with the choice of color and outline type, as well as other settings of graphic elements.

1. The line color of the drawing object.

2. Contour width and selection of the drawing object style.

3. drawing object settings.

4. Delete the object.
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